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Chairman's Selections: Poetry
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1 | 2024-03-12 | Milly <>
Deceptive love notes,
Inboxes filled with false gold,
Hearts thrill, caution floats.
2 | 2023-07-15 | Alex <>
There was a man from Peru
whose limericks ended on verse two
3 | 2023-06-16 | Lolly <>
I'm here to post on this site
I'm trying with all of my might
But I'm finding it hard
I'm clearly no bard
So I bid thee all a good night
4 | 2023-04-23 | Brodie John Buckbridge <>Chairman Approved
Oh, woe is me, an aged man of eighty-six,
Whose pockets empty and whose spirits nix,
I fell for tricks and schemes of those afar,
And now my savings gone, my hope ajar.

From Africa they came, with promises so sweet,
But now I'm left with nothing but defeat,
I plead and beg for just a chance to mend,
And hope that fate and luck may finally blend.

But not just money, for I also crave,
A partner fair to soothe me in my grave,
An online girlfriend, a beacon in the night,
To chase the shadows and bring me light.

Alas, my tale may seem a tragic play,
But still I pray, for hope shall find a way.

5 | 2023-01-30 | bob the frog <>
There once was a scammer called Bob,
Who once tried to scam a frog.
The frog at Bob's nose,
And Bob went "oh noes",
And the frog went back to their log.
6 | 2023-01-24 | Chris Carter <>
Writing this haiku
I really cannot do
You know what, fuck you
7 | 2023-01-11 | Mugu <>
Mugu mugu.
Mugu mugu mugu mugu.
Mugu mugu mugu.
Guestbook guestbook.
Guestbook guestbook guestbook.
Guestbook guestbook guestbook guestbook.
8 | 2022-10-17 | Vlad <>
Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
My dick has bled,
And my balls too
9 | 2022-05-10 | Robert Cook <>
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Recaptcha V3
Please let me through
10 | 2022-03-26 | Ezekiel Wheeler <>
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Fallschirmjägergewehr 42
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