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Chairman's Selections: Poetry
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1 | 2023-01-30 | bob the frog <>
There once was a scammer called Bob, Who once tried to scam a frog.
The frog at Bob's nose,
And Bob went "oh noes",
And the frog went back to their log.
2 | 2023-01-24 | Chris Carter <>
Writing this haiku I really cannot do
You know what, fuck you
3 | 2023-01-11 | Mugu <>
Mugu. Mugu mugu.
Mugu mugu mugu mugu.
Mugu mugu mugu.
Guestbook guestbook.
Guestbook guestbook guestbook.
Guestbook guestbook guestbook guestbook.
4 | 2022-10-17 | Vlad <>
Roses are red, Violets are blue,
My dick has bled,
And my balls too
5 | 2022-05-10 | Robert Cook <>
Roses are red Violets are blue
Recaptcha V3
Please let me through
6 | 2022-03-26 | Ezekiel Wheeler <>
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Fallschirmjägergewehr 42
7 | 2022-03-25 | Nicholas <>
if you want to go talk to tomatoes
if a squash can make you smile
take a shot at sending me a mail!!!!m ale
but be warned responses might take a while!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA RYANAIR FR1977 / Riga-Dublin. Drunken passenger accident.Emergency landing in Denmark.
RYANAIR FR1977 / Riga-Dublin. Drunken passenger accident.Emergency landing in Denmark.
8 | 2022-02-03 | Sterling Archer <>
There was a time I enjoyed my life, but then they left, my kids and wife.
Now I live in Malibu,
And I need some love and money too.
So, dear people please make me forget, that all I got left is the internet.
as I'm here writing all this lines,
I see the future and good times.
Peace out,
9 | 2021-07-21 | Mark Ward <>
I suck at writing
Smart and meaningful haikus
Fuck Mugu Guestbook
10 | 2021-06-26 | Josh Scribe <>
I need lots of money
Butt have awwful habits
Poor I don''t want too be
So if you has inheritance
To Contacting I would make sense
So then I can nab it.
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