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1 | 02-26 19:12 | Saint John Valorant <>
Just retired from my hometown Church and spent some money on sweepstakes. Now I've stopped buying scratchers and am looking for a nice investment and a good time in its place.
2 | 2024-02-25 | Trisha Purrunsing <>
Hey there. For a surprise, add me on Insta : trishadarling15
3 | 2024-02-25 | Willie B. <>
Hi there,
My name's Willie B., an old fella in my 80s. Been around the block a few times, retired now with a bit of money in the bank, but kinda bored, to tell ya the truth.

I'm on the lookout for some new things to put my money into. Not just any old thing - wanna find somethin' exciting, maybe help people or do something cool with tech. But, you know, this old brain ain't what it used to be, so it's gotta be somethin' simple enough for me to get.

Also, and don't laugh now, I'm hopin' to meet a young lady in her twenties. Someone who likes to chat, maybe travel a bit, and wouldn't mind spending time with someone a lot older. I know it sounds a bit out there, but I've got a lot of stories to tell and I'm pretty good company, even if I do say so myself.

I ain't too good with this computer stuff, so I hope you can read what I'm tryin' to say here. I'm just a man who's lived a long life, got a bit to spend, and don't wanna do it all alone.

So, if you've got an idea for me or wanna chat, let me know. I might be slow with this internet thing, but I'll get back to ya.

Take care,

Willie B.

4 | 2024-02-25 | Mike Literus <>
ari is vey cool
5 | 2024-02-25 | ADNEP Foundation <>
ADNEP, or the African Developing Nations Employment Program, is a Detroit, Michigan-based organization that aims to support residents of developing African countries in accessing higher education and improved employment opportunities in the United States through its sponsored immigration programs. Since its inception in 2015, the organization has partnered with over 54 corporations to help over 2,500 African immigrants achieve a better life in the United States. All participants receive a free university education in America, are fully sponsored and guided through their immigration process, and are guaranteed a job opportunity that yields a salary of more than $40,000 USD. The program currently serves residents of Senegal, the Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Nigeria, Cameroon, Uganda, Malawi, South Africa, Kenya, and other nations. As of this Spring, thirty employment and education slots are available for those seeking to immigrate to the United States for world class job and university opportunities, along with ten economic enrichment grant opportunities in which participants can apply to receive between $5,000 and $25,000 USD to advance their career, business, or lifestyle in their current nation. To qualify for the ADNEP programs, applicants must meet the following requirements: be between the age of 18 and 50 years of age, have a yearly income of less than $30,000 USD, be a resident in an African nation. If you are interested please contact us.
6 | 2024-02-24 | addie smith <>
Come on. The more the merrier
7 | 2024-02-24 | Melanie <>
seems like a legit website to me
8 | 2024-02-24 | Alexando <>
In search for some money
9 | 2024-02-23 | Brown Wood <>
Providing joy for reasonable prices
10 | 2024-02-23 | henkdevliegndehollander <>
I am broke please give me some money bro!!
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