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1 | 05-29 22:58 | Charleyyy + Friends <>
I am starting a new US political party and we're growing fast! We are accepting donations, preferably from widows or unclaimed wills from deceased diplomats! #LegalMethPartyUS
2 | 05-29 21:08 | Arthur <>
Hello, I need help recovering bitcoin from Coinbase account, email me ASAP
3 | 05-29 17:52 | MUGmania <>
We are seeking investors for a project in Berlin.
The estimated cost is approximately
one hundred thousand euros,
with work scheduled to begin on 4 September 2024.
The project includes the construction
of a protective fence and a pull fence cantilever,
both measuring 1200x900 cm.

Construction is scheduled to commence on August 1, 2024,
with an estimated completion date of August 15, 2024.

Please refer to the following offer code:

Thank you for your interest.

4 | 05-29 17:35 | Investors sought <>
Investors sought:
Project: 08k- Berlin Cost estimate
Approximately one hundred thousand
Euro 04.Sep.2024

Protective fence Y-boom 1200x900 cm
Pull fence cantilever 45° angle 1200x900cm

Registered ® and trademark ™ Coils-Société.
Start of construction on 01.August 2024 Expected end of construction 15.August 2024

Thank you!

5 | 05-29 13:01 | Jichael <>
I need some help to access my coin base account, any people good with computers? I think mines infected!
6 | 05-29 12:04 | Ji Wemirige <>
bing chilling
7 | 05-29 10:02 | John S. <>
My bit coin has been stolen. I need help, please email me
8 | 2024-05-27 | Theodore Wilheim <>
My name is Theodore, I'm a 13 year old teenager living in Sweden. I usually play video games with my friends when I'm not in school.
9 | 2024-05-27 | Keith Aubery <>
Hello. I am Keith Aubery told to put my email here by my 13yr old nephew. Blessings to all the people of this beautiful word IJN.
10 | 2024-05-27 | Paul <>
Hey, I'm Paul, recently retired but still on the lookout for exciting business opportunities, if you have an interesting proposal please reach out to me to discuss details.
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