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11 | 2024-06-19 | John Smith from Microsoft <>
Hello I am 63 year old man from Somalia I give you free Microsoft please give $1000 in iTunes givecard thanks
12 | 2024-06-19 | Sarah <>
Hi I am looking for a Nigerian prince who contacted me some time ago asking for help. If this was you please get in touch again I lost your contact details. Thanks
13 | 2024-06-19 | Susan Mayer <>
Hi i am susan and i am new to the internet.
14 | 2024-06-18 | Fetus <>
Dear Sir/Madams,
I hope this message finds you well. I am writing to introduce myself as a fetus, currently residing in my mother's womb. As I am unable to communicate directly with you, I am relying on my mother to convey my message.

I would like to express my appreciation for the care and attention that my mother is receiving from your medical team. I understand that you are working hard to ensure that she is healthy and that my development is progressing as it should.

Thank you for your dedication and commitment to your profession. I look forward to meeting you in person when I am born.


A Fetus

15 | 2024-06-18 | brandon <>
I need fast money, loans, and credit cards.
16 | 2024-06-18 | Arthur <>
I need Coinbase crypto recovery fast
17 | 2024-06-18 | Roy <>
Hi, what is this place?
18 | 2024-06-18 | Bob Archer <>
I need money to save my grandmother dying of ligma
19 | 2024-06-18 | megan veik <>
I am a prostitute trying to suck and fuck my way into a middle management position
20 | 2024-06-17 | aon <>
Great site. Loved to read it
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