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11 | 2022-09-27 | Tasha Smith <>
Hi, My name is Tasha Smith and I kept sending spam notifications for my home-security to somebody and they got pissed off and signed me up for this because I'm a piece of shit.

Tasha piece-of-shit Smith

12 | 2022-09-27 | Jabba Narffario <>
I need spam email.
13 | 2022-09-27 | asdf asdf <>
asdf asdf asdfasdf
14 | 2022-09-27 | andrew mainson <>
my wife left me, in the divorce i gained approximately 100,000 USD
15 | 2022-09-26 | Jim <>
Lost a lot of money, I want it back
16 | 2022-09-25 | Jacob <>
i want to know each and every thing about lottery
17 | 2022-09-25 | tom <>
i have lost $5000000 dollars USD and i want it back
18 | 2022-09-24 | Dwight <>
I lost all my money and I need it back before my wife catches on
19 | 2022-09-23 | Lenny Gaarsland <>
I am an 81 year old man in need of some cash cause I sent money off and never saw it again. Please help me. Thanks.
20 | 2022-09-23 | Hugh Jayniss <>
Hello, my name is Hugh Jayniss. I'm looking for a lover, an investment opportunity, a million dollars, or a chest of gold.
I click every link I see on Facebook and hand out my email, phone number, mother's maiden name, Social Security number, and my bank routing and account numbers like candy.
I love responding to everything I get in my inbox, even if it says, "Do not reply to this email.", because secretly I really get off on it hoping some sexy woman with big ass bitch pepperoni nipples is just waiting on the other end.
All my passwords are set to "password" and my flip phone I got in the 90's pin is "1234".
Please send me free stuff.
Hugh Jayniss
Playboy millionaire with lots of wives and chests of gold (if only all that stuff would ever show up, I'd be rich)
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