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1 | 05-19 02:38 | gary <>
need help with the computer
2 | 05-18 21:45 | Charlotte Adler <>
my wife left me
3 | 05-18 20:39 | Marie Morgan <>
Just won the lotto and looking to invest my $$$$$ somewhere. Email me for more information.
4 | 05-18 17:00 | Leonarth <>
Hello i lost my atm card
i cannot to travel back in time because
i am not vaccinated enough

please contact me only if:
-you found my atm card
-i won some lottery
-the president of your national bank died
-a dead relative left me more than US$10M million thousand USD dollars

5 | 05-18 16:08 | Gerald Gilland <>
Are you are ready to make a cool bulk bitcoin, if yes. Here is the opportunity for you guys. I am selling Bitcoin Adder Software and the License for serious business minded. Bitcoin Adder Software compatible with:.
Apple iPhone
Android Phone
6 | 05-18 10:25 | Richard Ramirez <>
I want your souls and your ATM debit and millions of funds in my name and satan.
7 | 05-18 08:32 | John <>
Ebay scams please
8 | 2022-05-18 | Kylie Noble <>
I have a lot of money and no sense. I am ripe for some scamming!
9 | 2022-05-18 | Robert Brown <>
My computer has a virus and I need money to get an anti-virus because the free ones can't detect them.
10 | 2022-05-17 | Ben Dover <>
I'm 72 and i need some money for ciggies.
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