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1 | 12-01 19:16 | Kieran <>
I am a lonely person looking for a rich man
2 | 2023-11-30 | John T. Evans <>
I'm a regular guy down on his luck with two pet possums looking to make friends and maybe some opportunities will open up!
3 | 2023-11-30 | Kurena Tasaki <>
Hello. I was tell to sign up hear by very nice man who come to my college and say is best way for new immigrant to usa to make money. I am try to raise money for college fund, I am Kurena Tasaki from Tokyo, 22yr old fresh into United State. Please help me raise money any help deal is except. Thank you!!!! Best of happiness to all you hear!
4 | 2023-11-29 | Ben Cohen <>
Hello, I am a man who is running low on money. I heard this place is a good way to get money. Please email.
5 | 2023-11-29 | Mary Miass <>
Hello I would like someone to love me the way i am
6 | 2023-11-28 | Calub C. Veim <>
Hello, I was scammed recently, I'm looking to recover my funds from the scammers, please help me.
7 | 2023-11-28 | Gabe <>
Sir Gabe Itch here, I am a 67 year old man from the British Isles looking for prime entrepreneurial opportunities.
8 | 2023-11-28 | Sam <>
I am new to the Internet. I am 65, and hoping to meet some friends who can teach me how to use my computer.
9 | 2023-11-28 | Jimm Joan <>
im 40 and love cats
10 | 2023-11-28 | davee <>
i suck spam me
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