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18,981 | 2012-11-08 | Marcus <>
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18,982 | 2012-11-07 | jeff <>
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18,984 | 2012-11-06 | Reinhard von Lohengramm <>
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18,985 | 2012-11-05 | richard <>
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18,986 | 2012-11-05 | Winkle von Duffenstuf <>

I am Mr. von Duffenstuf. I have recently come across a large amount of money and I need somewhere to deposit it. I don't trust my bank at all so I currently have a lot of cash sitting in my house. Can anyone recommend me a good bank to deposit my money or does anyone have a safe at their house that I can store my cash in?

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18,987 | 2012-11-04 | Cakie <>
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18,988 | 2012-11-04 | Ginny <>
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18,989 | 2012-11-04 | Duncan Don Utholder <>
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18,990 | 2012-11-04 | Ollie Rodgers <>
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