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17,861 | 2012-03-21 | Jack Herksfield <>
My name is Jack, am 42, I need help moving a VALUABLE trunk box from our storage room. If willing to help, please contact me ASAP.
17,862 | 2012-03-21 | Rolando <>
I don't understand this site. If someone can clarify things for me, please send me an email.
17,863 | 2012-03-19 | Rutger Claasen <>
Awesome site!
17,864 | 2012-03-17 | Hugh G. <>
Hello Frens,
Through my many years working in a high paid job I have saved a large sum of cash. Now I am willing to invest my money in many different ways.

Contact me by email with your offers and I will reply soonest.

Thank You,

17,865 | 2012-03-16 | R Face <>
I am looking for investors in my organic waste company.

Please can you e-mail me with any propositions.

Richard Face

17,866 | 2012-03-16 | John Brown <>
Need Cash Fast. Willing to work hard or invest in good opportunities. Please help
17,867 | 2012-03-14 | A lad <>
Just some advice: Have as many posts as possible show in the guestbook. Otherwise, you might see people trying to dominate it.
17,868 | 2012-03-14 | G√ľnther <>
Uuuuh.... you touch my tralala
17,869 | 2012-03-14 | Gunnar <>
Are there any good offers for me?
17,870 | 2012-03-13 | max <>
I'm an agent for top American adult entertainment company looking for willing women to star in movies. good rates of pay, but must be willing to do anything. also looking for men with clean bottoms, I stress must have clean bottoms.
mail me, but must be African, no time wasters please
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