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15,961 | 2014-01-24 | Lloyd Banks <>
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15,962 | 2014-01-24 | Nicole <>
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15,963 | 2014-01-23 | Martin Adams <>
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15,964 | 2014-01-23 | keith <>
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15,965 | 2014-01-23 | James <>
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15,966 | 2014-01-23 | jany <>
15,967 | 2014-01-22 | Azawie alamine <>
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15,968 | 2014-01-22 | Peter Horse-Chesnut <>
I'm seeking a business partner for my new venture importing wooden widgets into Europe. The widgets need to be 1 inch wide by 1 8th of an inch tall. They will be used to create our new currency made out of wood. You will need to have a lot of trees available for this venture. Sticks or twigs are not really suitable. Please get in contact if you are interested or have any other projects that require funding for that matter as naturally I have a lot of money.

Regards, Peter.

15,969 | 2014-01-22 | Bob McGaeson <>
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15,970 | 2014-01-21 | Francis Dryer <>
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