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91 | 2022-05-04 | Mythra Xenoblade <>
I often wonder if it was truly the right decision to move to South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, in pursuit of the legendary Anime World Portal. The Guru of Survival, Chris Pratt himself, told me it was baloney, to which I responded "no, that's some fine Kentucky fried Chicken right there my lad." But what I found shocked me. Sitting there right in front of me was your mom. (Who I did. It was great. Ask her, it happened last night.) But then Chris Pratt showed up. It turned out this was Chris Pratt's wife, and he was about to beat me to smithereens, because he was in denial his wife was a lesbian. That's right, I was her awakening, bitch! And this means Chris Pratt is legally your stepfather now. I don't make the rules.

He was so angry at us he decided to send the entire Google Army's forces after us. It turns out Chris Pratt, your uncle, actually works at Nintendo. He contacted Google's Armies to snipe us off the face of the earth. What will you do now, Moogles? The only escape is the Anime World Portal in the South Sandwich Islands, and we've already claimed it. Because we can see the future. Sayonara, suckers! They'll tell of the day Chris Pratt (as CEO of the FBI) destroyed the real world for centuries after your demise!

By the way, you're Gardenia Insurance Ltd. aren't you? I believe you stated that 'Potentially catastrophic and/or world ending damage' and 'Ex's vandalism' were both insured. I would like the promised sum ($690 000.)


92 | 2022-05-04 | Jim Lee <>
I am a lion dancer. The head of the lion is smelly that's why I'm doing it.
93 | 2022-05-04 | Eileen Downs <>
Is it really that bad?
94 | 2022-05-04 | Marty Badger <>
I have a brand new phone number for your codes and my personal information is public. Message me and I'll cooperate
95 | 2022-05-04 | Billy <>
Always looking for good business opportunities
96 | 2022-05-04 | Grisha Volkov <>
I need money.
97 | 2022-05-03 | Photons minutes <>
Once upon a time, I was a photon. Then, I became a minute.
98 | 2022-05-03 | Test Mypp <>
I am mostly harmless, unless provoked. You've got to ask yourself a question: 'Do I feel lucky?'. Well, do ya, punk?
99 | 2022-05-03 | kek <>
help my pet bear is stranded in somalia someone sent payment of 1000 million in debt URGENT
100 | 2022-05-03 | Kákà Júnñ <>
I am a venezuelan trying to find a good job opportunity
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