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2015-09-21 04:05 | long dick <>
There once was a man from Nantucket
Whose dick was so long he could suck it.
He said with a grin
As he wiped off his chin,
If my ear was a cunt, I could fuck it.
2015-06-24 22:20 | Beatrice <>
I once was e-mailed from Bombay
T'was a Prince giving money away
He seemed so legit
So I sent him some shit
But I think he's forgotten to pay...
2014-05-20 04:49 | harry balls <>
my balls be so harry
it's really quite scary
"stay away!!" said mother mary
2014-05-19 04:39 | Hans <>
i think therefore i am, i freely admit that i dont care for spam.

i won a free car didnt get very far
and i gambled away mary's lamb.
2014-05-03 05:24 | Richard Slick <>
Roses are red,
Violets are blue;
I trust Nigerians,
and Ivorians too.
2012-08-13 00:26 | Professor Wernstrom <>
I love poetry
I can haiku, just not well
2012-03-25 05:07 | james <>
Roses are red,
Mugus are blue
Rich offer you send
Safari I make you
2012-02-18 14:23 | Wilhelm Eyepawn <>
Mary had a little lamb it ran into a pylon, 10,000 volts went up its arse and turned its wool to nylon
2015-09-05 06:28 | Clair <>

I just divorced my boy friend for giving me a gift that keeps on giving. I now have a golden herpes that just keeps on giving. I would like to give it to you so you can enjoy the riches of the golden rot.

I can send it in a box of tissue. Just send me your address and its on the way.

2015-01-05 07:17 | Jamie Bednall <>
I really need money, like, since the divorce I have been really addicted to scat fetish porn, the the prostitutes to do this are rather expensive.

Please help me!
2013-06-21 21:13 | Vulvah Pink <>
i really just need to get my vajooter licked ya know?
i'm ugly so i'm willing to be generous and spoil you-
as long as you can lick my no-no.
make me your bitch.
slap my face and twist my nips while you bury your face in vaginaland!

oh and i like to invest money too.. mhmm.
2012-12-12 03:04 | Cunt Queef <>
Sometimes I like to choke myself with a plastic bag while I stretch my ass on a traffic cone. I can take a fist in my ass up to the elbow.
2012-09-03 20:28 | alann bright <>
i love dicking goats i own a goat farm where all i do is dick my goats every single day i often find myself dicking 2 or 3 goats at once but i never let the goat dick me i do all the dicking and the goats just stick to what thay know and thats how do do some lickin n cop a dickin
2012-07-10 15:00 | Clement Joshua <>
Hi I'm a great big homosexual hit man.
But being a hit man is real lonely so please cheer me up by sending me loads of pictures of great big hard cocks for me to look at. Also my favorite color is pink and I love taking it up the ass really, really hard!
Sales Pitches
2015-08-13 22:17 | simon <>
I am looking for 2 nigerians named samuel and Tobias who robbed me.... I will pay a bounty of $60,000 and this offer is real and not a scam
2015-07-18 15:08 | Luke <>
Looking for a pure gold cat inside a trunk box, owned by my late great uncle who doesn't exist, if found please get your local senglanese refugee to contact me, so I can accept a 100% risky free lad loan
2015-05-26 17:59 | Saffron <>
I ask of everyone to listen to what I have to say n the name of the creator. My name is Saffron, using my good friend Ali's email account. I am widely known for being the wife of the time master himself, the timelord. I am asking you to help me. You see, i'm kind of in a little predicament. The timelord is worried that someday I will die and ascend into the afterlife without him. To make him not worry over a mortal like me, I am looking for anyone who has any money to lend so that I may lenghthen my life span, or perhaps allow me to live forever. Please contact Ali at this email if you have any idea.
Saffron, survivor of Air New Zealand flight 901
2015-05-15 15:06 | Louise White <>
Looking for easy money (Inheritance, Dormant Bank Accounts etc).

Am prepared to travel to Nigeria, Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire or anywhere to sign documents. Not worried that I might be beaten up and mercilessly gan graped / sodo mised in a filthy shack in the middle of a desert.
2015-05-12 17:49 | Ima Catcher <>
I have a large inventory of scabs - some several inches thick; excellent potential so contact me for details.
2015-02-02 00:54 | Mike Andrews <>
Hi, 24 m engaged to 20 f. Was in an accident and cant get her pregnant. Looking to hire a breeder for her.
2015-01-20 18:32 | Marg Leecher <>
Looking for people interested in Quilting and Pottery!
2014-12-14 04:06 | Wade Wilson <>
Hello! I sell things! What kinds of things, you ask? Amazing things! Things like AnAl bum Covers, breast augmentations for dogs, horse socks, and retarded, vertically challenged, not so cute, and utterly useless naked badgermoles!
Contact me ASAP with all sorts of offers!
2014-11-29 06:25 | Courtney Stoops <>
I am Courtney Stoops. I'm 26 and a young sexy vampire lady. I make lipsticks from the finest horse fecal matter. I am looking for business partner to supply me with copious amounts of horse dung. Contact me for more details
2014-10-24 00:49 | Dr. Reba Dirchy <>
My patients are very pleased with the questionable quality, rigid appearance, scaled-down dimensions, and perplexities of your finished product. My partners and I are excited to start doing business with you as soon as I return from holiday in Europe. My business loan was approved and my firm is ready to start making investments.
2014-07-20 00:24 | Hsien Loong <>
Donate to my charity, "Rockets for Rebels". Our job is to raise money so we can buy weapons for the rebels in Ukraine and get them the missiles they need. So they can shoot down civilian airliners and stuff. Email for more details
2014-05-13 22:02 | Iama Bellend <>
Looking for investor for our firm, Bellend & Shaft pumps
2013-04-12 00:42 | Balo Aholt Tanko <>
Hello my brothers,

I dey big scrobo 4 una naira.

I do:
5 Naira - mouth to brokkus
10 Naira - mouth to toto
25 Naira - wear mama dash & mouth to toto

Contact me today. We don break kola, don bust una nut.

Barrister Balo Aholt Tanko
2012-03-13 10:36 | max <>
I'm an agent for top American adult entertainment company looking for willing women to star in movies. good rates of pay, but must be willing to do anything. also looking for men with clean bottoms, I stress must have clean bottoms.
mail me, but must be African, no time wasters please
2012-02-12 19:39 | Owen Monet <>
Dearest Beloved Sir,

My wife (Shomieda) and I are seeking a $11,538,241.67 (ELEVEN MILLION FIVE HUNDRED AND THIRTY EIGHT THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY ONE DOLLARS AND SIXTY SEVEN CENTS) investment to establish an international Institute of Naval Turd Laying (INTL Intl.)

We have already made great progress with this venture, producing a record-breaking (unbroken) length of 3.46 metres off the south-west coast of Cyprus in the Mediterranean. Sadly the Guinness Book of Records was unable to officially verify our achievement due to an unfortunate incident involving a speedboat propeller and tourists on an inflatable sausage.

Our recent success has inspired us to set our sights on the task of "laying cable" across the North Atlantic. The oceanic swells will require a more robust quality of stool, so part of the investment will go towards power foods such as hamburgers, pickled eggs and pizza.

If you are interested in this 100% RISK FREE proposal please contact us URGENTLY at the above address. We will require a barrister to sign the bank documents for the safe transfer of the monies, and please note that this is a highly confidential transaction - you can trust us, we are from the internet.
Life Stories
2015-05-28 22:27 | Septimus Warren Smith <>
My name is Septimus Warren Smith. I'm 40 years old, single. I live alone with my Mother and a flock of sheep in a secluded castle in Switzerland. I think this is pretty much it. I'm a virgin (the sheep don't count). I would like to meet people to chat and who knows...
2015-09-13 20:50 | Charles <>
I've had kind of a shit stroke of bad luck. My daughter's boat got lost in the middle of the pacific somewhere, and I feel largely responsible. I spend every day looking for her, but since I'm dead, it's not easy.
2015-03-28 07:56 | Joe Hova <>
I love long walks in the swamp, swimming up hill, and eating potato chips in zero gravity.
2015-02-26 11:15 | Dr Ivor Bigone <>
a doctor for many years specialising in boner fatigue , also trustee of the bumsore charitable organisation
2014-05-23 15:27 | Jerry Jones <>
I am a professional cheese eater
2014-01-08 14:46 | viki <>
"Mr Bandabaloobi said he was from the Nigerian Bank" said Lucius "We first met when he wrote me an email explaining he needed me to transfer 3 million dollars out of the country because a rich old guy had died and the government was going to keep the money unless I could help and for this I would receive a percentage."

"I gave them my account details and bought a plane ticket to Nigeria to meet Mr Bandabaloobi and sign the transfer papers."

"Once I arrived I was beaten and taken to a small hotel room on the outskirts of town. I was stripped and kissed by dark and very hairy men. One of the men, named Carl, was very gentle and told me he loved me but the others were rough. So very rough. I struggled and told them I was a friend of Mr Bandabaloobi but they tied me up and took turns kissing my beautiful body, touching me and making me do things I had sometimes thought about and imagined, but had never expected to really happen because I am straight."

"The fact that one of the men looked like a black version of my dad kind of freaked me out and Carl turned out to be huge but like i said, he was very gentle and we just took things really slow. He's cool, we have swapped emails since. Nothing gay though, cause he knows I am straight."

"Having survived the ordeal and returned home, my only regret is that I missed my meeting with Mr Bandabaloobi and didnt get to see any african animals like giraffes and lions and those little things that peek up really quick and look around and then pop back down really quick. They are really cool. They are like those little dogs that live on the prairie. Cant remember what those ones are called either but they look a little bit like otters. They dont live in water like otters though, they live on the prairies. No, I dont know what a prairie is."
2013-09-09 13:46 | Roger <>
I hurt my head this morning when I tripped over a massive pile cash at my home. It needs to go, do you want it?
2013-07-13 09:00 | Alexander <>
Looking for someone who is knowledgeable of different types of bowling pins, as well as all things related to bowling pins. No profit, just another bowling pin aficionado to talk about bowling pin news, and other things relating to bowling pins.
2013-06-18 20:29 | Dr. Richard Knibbler <>
I enjoy all sorts of hams, bacons and other porkery
2013-05-18 00:18 | jason <>
I was on a moose hunting trip to central
Iowa and of course there was no way for me check my email from that wilderness.
I am pleased to say I bagged several of the viscous beasts with the loss of
only two of my bearers (the moose hide quite effectively in the corn fields
and pounce upon one with bared fangs).
A wild Hawk attacked me and i lost an eye so i sued the state for not protecting me and was giving $4million dollars
2013-01-11 22:09 | Todd MacFarlane <>
Trying to find my boyfriend Craig, I last saw him in Nigeria being sandwiched between two guys in fetish gear. Craig, if you're reading this I forgive you for giving me AIDS and want to share my inheritance with you. My email address is still
2014-10-01 22:02 | Mike Coleson <>
Great site - I found it really useful when looking for risk free business.
2014-04-12 21:12 | Ivana Tinkle <>
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2014-03-05 20:01 | Dick Jensen <>