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Chairman's Selections: Vulgarity
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11 | 2019-11-21 | Ivor Nottage <>
Please send me the moolah or at least a moist vagina
12 | 2019-07-18 | Ronald McDonald <>
13 | 2019-06-20 | Clowns <>
Anal Lube
14 | 2019-03-08 | Mr Oga <>
Looking to have an unprotected intercourse with seb pearce
15 | 2019-02-26 | David Abula <>
I like big men who can break my butthole.
16 | 2018-02-04 | greg <>
17 | 2017-12-29 | fat slut <>
Im a fat whore with a salty fupa
18 | 2017-09-17 | Dark Tan <>
He told me that when he and Tara came back over looking for us and we weren't there, she figured she would check inside. She popped her head in the door right when I was pounding Melissa doggy style. Dave said she came back with her eyes the size of dinner plates and said "They're doing it!" Dave of course had to see for himself and so popped his head in the door too. He was just in time to see Melissa on top of me riding with her head thrown back and making a lot of noise. After that he just grinned at me.

I know that Dave and Tara did see each other again after that day. He gave me details of a couple visits. Apparently the girl was really wild. Any time her boyfriend was away for whatever sport he was doing, she would meet Dave and they would just fuck like rabbits. That info would come in handy later.

19 | 2017-04-25 | Angel <>
Man your love story is so inspiring, plus, I bet he has a rock hard thick cock. I would love to fuck and be fucked by both of you. Message me if you're interested in love or sex;)
please no capital solicitations or spam
20 | 2017-04-13 | Mateusz Kulik <>
I am arsehole I want massive cock in back who wants fuck my arsehole and shoot spunk in my mouth contact me.
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