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Chairman's Selections: Sales Pitches
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51 | 2015-03-21 | Father Hymen Popper <>
The Holy Meat Walet Faith has $150,000 Us to donate to those truly in need. Contact Father Hymen Popper for more information
52 | 2015-02-02 | Mike Andrews <>
Hi, 24 m engaged to 20 f. Was in an accident and cant get her pregnant. Looking to hire a breeder for her.
53 | 2014-12-14 | Wade Wilson <>Chairman Approved
Hello! I sell things! What kinds of things, you ask? Amazing things! Things like AnAl bum Covers, breast augmentations for dogs, horse socks, and retarded, vertically challenged, not so cute, and utterly useless naked badgermoles!
Contact me ASAP with all sorts of offers!
54 | 2014-11-30 | Richard Porkenheimer <>
looking for wealth widow or rich old milf to keep me entertained. financial advice for widows
55 | 2014-11-29 | Courtney Stoops <>
I am Courtney Stoops. I'm 26 and a young sexy vampire lady. I make lipsticks from the finest horse fecal matter. I am looking for business partner to supply me with copious amounts of horse dung. Contact me for more details
56 | 2014-10-24 | Joel Bale <>
I am currently looking to sell my Nissan frontier 2004 XE. I am located in Newport Beach,CA in the U.S. For inquiries please email me for an appointment to look at the truck or questions about the truck. It is in pristine condition. No flaws. Also email me for pictures of the truck and it has a clean California title.
57 | 2014-09-27 | gucci mane <>
Need $ for lemons
58 | 2014-08-24 | Tiny Todger <>
My wife is a slut so I'm looking for another slut of my own. mail me.
59 | 2014-07-20 | Hsien Loong <>
Donate to my charity, "Rockets for Rebels". Our job is to raise money so we can buy weapons for the rebels in Ukraine and get them the missiles they need. So they can shoot down civilian airliners and stuff. Email for more details
60 | 2014-07-06 | Martha <>
I sell my old dildo
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