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Chairman's Selections: Life Stories
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151 | 2013-09-09 | Roger <>Chairman Approved
I hurt my head this morning when I tripped over a massive pile cash at my home. It needs to go, do you want it?
152 | 2013-06-18 | Dr. Richard Knibbler <>Chairman Approved
I enjoy all sorts of hams, bacons and other porkery
153 | 2013-05-22 | Adam Lochstein <>
Adam Lochstein here, aka "The Rabbi". Retired and interested in international business investments to grow my retirement savings. Also maybe a long-term relationship with a young foreign lady:). To be honest, I have a lot of money, but it's not enough for me. I need more. I need a substantial amount of money to finance a local synagogue that I am developing here in Hobokingville, New Jersey. I need some luck to come my way quick... I'll do anything. Please contact me at Make haste, or I will take my money elsewhere!
154 | 2013-05-18 | jason <>Chairman Approved
I was on a moose hunting trip to central
Iowa and of course there was no way for me check my email from that wilderness.
I am pleased to say I bagged several of the viscous beasts with the loss of
only two of my bearers (the moose hide quite effectively in the corn fields
and pounce upon one with bared fangs).
A wild Hawk attacked me and i lost an eye so i sued the state for not protecting me and was giving $4million dollars
155 | 2013-03-11 | evilk aneeval <>
looking for love with a kind genuine man. I am lonely with a big heart. I left my marriage with a pay out of $12 for my ex husband was wealthy and I plan to invest this with my new love.
156 | 2013-02-13 | Sebastian Rombout <>
Since moving from Belgium to the UK I've been looking for investment oportunities and decent chocolate.
157 | 2013-01-06 | Gary <>
Funny thing is i won the lottery!
158 | 2012-12-03 | karl hoskins <>
love mugu cow, it tastes great
159 | 2012-11-18 | Harry Ness <>
I received a large inheritance and have since invested into raising guard llamas. This has become rather lucrative and am now looking for other investment opportunities. Please contact me if you have any.
160 | 2012-11-08 | Posporat Herbertson <>
I'm a collector of casts.
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