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21 | 2024-05-21 | Isch <>
Isch das alles, wo de Tschopähofguschti wiedermal z Stand bracht het?
22 | 2024-05-21 | johnson boer <>
i need loans invests and crypto fast fast now
23 | 2024-05-21 | John <>
Send me links to websites about business opportunities or other kinds of opportunities
24 | 2024-05-21 | Richard Smith <>
Hello i'm Richard Smith and i want to get much free Bitcoin fast.
25 | 2024-05-21 | Ju Smith <>
Hi can i have free money
26 | 2024-05-19 | Denis H Rolland <>
Hello i am denis rolland a 64 year old man in dire need of money
27 | 2024-05-17 | Conor Aiden <>
an old person who just lost their granddad
28 | 2024-05-16 | Hans Goldberg <>
Hello, My name is Hans Goldberg, Isreali-Austrian pensioner. As you know, the vile arab palestinian goyim and their antisemitic allies are constantly attacking the peaceful and just state of isreal for no reason. In a recent attack by a crazed arab, I have dropped all my shekels down a sewer pipe and am looking for someone to team up and help me rebuild my money empire. I will NOT go into the sewer pipe because Rabbi Cohen beat me to it.
I hope to hear from you soon,
29 | 2024-05-16 | Paul Doug Nuker <>
Im a 60+ year old grandpafather in need of funds for his grandchildren's college please reach out to me! Other proposals are welcome.
30 | 2024-05-15 | Info KingCarz <>
Looking to get better returns with my bitcoin. A friend told me I should ask you? All help appreciated!
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