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16,661 | 2012-09-08 | m00t <>
Nice Site!
16,662 | 2012-09-07 | Billie Day <>
Lonely girl looking for love from anyone, really anyone. My father just passed away so i am all alone. Please get in contact with me so i can have someone to talk to and maybe have a relationship with...
16,663 | 2012-09-07 | Clive <>
Looking for a good woman to spend my last couple of months with. Have terminal cancer, but also a nine bedroom house so plenty of room for you to stay. Could pick you up in my Ferarri
16,664 | 2012-09-07 | Richard <>
Sign me up!
16,665 | 2012-09-07 | Martin Weiner <>
I'm a Martin from zygma7 and I'm looking to europe for further investment for our fibre products. I'm contactable at or via the email above. Please get in touch if you wish to assist in expanding our successfull company.
16,666 | 2012-09-07 | Ann <>
looking for overseas investment opportunities
16,667 | 2012-09-07 | Jaiper Feliciano <>
I took the time to read all the comments, but I really liked the article.
16,668 | 2012-09-06 | ivor tenincher <>
contact me

16,669 | 2012-09-06 | William Stroker <>
Do you give as much energy to your dreams as you do your fears?
16,670 | 2012-09-06 | Mike Man <>
I am very pleased to be a part of this
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