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16,461 | 2014-06-07 | Keith <>
Interesting website!
16,462 | 2014-06-07 | Nancy Sticka <>
Love your sight!
16,463 | 2014-06-06 | Walter Pinkney, CFO <>
We are currently looking for business contacts in the African continent. My company does heavy silver and rare earth metals trading in the excess of $7 million per month, and we wish to expand to the Abuja area. We would be willing to finance up to $10,000 per month to start a branch. Please let me know if this is agreeable to you; send me an email. Thank you!
16,464 | 2014-06-06 | Hisonika <>
Hello! My name Darya! My age 36 years! I want to find a serious relationship! If I you are interested, send an e-mail and send your photos! I will write a reply and send my pictures! Our meeting will please me!
16,465 | 2014-06-06 | Gayle Varzari <>

I'm business owner who would love to meet interesting men from another country.

Office: 604-215-9222
Fax: 604-215-9223

Please call or fax if you would like to chat!

16,466 | 2014-06-06 | Dick Butt <>
need quick $
16,467 | 2014-06-05 | Baitotron <>
ah yes the baiters forum
16,468 | 2014-06-05 | Richard White <>
Good afternoon, I was recomended to put my details on this site and am I enquiring as to how I can do so?
16,469 | 2014-06-05 | bill gates <>
I am really trusting. Infact, I give out 8 billion $ in charity of my my money. I am really rich, I have over $70,000,000,000
16,470 | 2014-06-05 | Allen SuckadickIII <>
Looking for business

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