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16,451 | 2013-01-02 | Tim <>
Happy New Year!
16,452 | 2013-01-02 | Vicky Dyke <>
Nice website. Happy 2013!


16,453 | 2013-01-01 | jack <>
Looking to give donations from a church
16,454 | 2012-12-31 | Pat <>
Great Site!
Looking for an investment partner.
I love you all.
16,455 | 2012-12-31 | Linda <>
Excellent site, thanks a lot!
16,456 | 2012-12-31 | KELLY <>
looking for an investment partner.
lots of money to be made
16,457 | 2012-12-30 | Frank Moran <>
Be watchfull as ye know not when the day shall come.
16,458 | 2012-12-29 | beatrice DEMEITE <>
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Abelector starator puring oonizatorat?

Thanks, Silly::Werder

16,459 | 2012-12-29 | Jem <>
I am looking for business and investment opportunities
16,460 | 2012-12-27 | J. J. Han <>

I am the derector and CEO of a large and growing Australia Bussiness.
We are always trying to expand overseas and invest in new enterprizes, and looking for new trustworth people to help us do this is our main goal.
As we were one of the few bussiness to make a BIG profit in 2012 it shows we know what we are doing.

If yous have an ideas for us please contact me

John. J. Han

CEO and derector R.O.P.E em' PYT LTM

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