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2019-12-25 01:48 | Arsho <>
I have lots of money and am looking to invest
2019-12-24 09:56 | Gracel la Perez <>
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2019-12-24 08:50 | Joey Zhang <>
You better watch out, or I will hurt both of you.
2019-12-23 23:48 | Hunter Biden <>
Hey anyone looking for a solid opportunity to invest in Belarus or Maine shoot me an email. Scammers/solicitors welcome
2019-12-23 16:17 | Bill Stranton <>
Looking for business opportunities. My phone number is 331-240-1904. Please call me with some offers instead of emailing me, that way I can get back to you faster.
2019-12-23 13:03 | BLANK ATM <>
I want to testify about Swave blank atm cards which can withdraw money from any atm machines around the world. I was very poor before and have no job. I saw so many testimony about how swave hackers send them the atm blank card and use it to collect money in any atm machine and become rich. I email them also and they sent me the blank atm card. I have use it to get 90,000 dollars. withdraw the maximum of 5,000 USD daily. Swave is giving out the card just to help the poor. Hack and take money directly from any atm machine vault with the use of atm programmed card which runs in automatic mode. Email:
2019-12-23 10:34 | Jonathan Macdonell <>
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2019-12-23 09:33 | Gerald Gesund <>
Hello, ladys and gentleman,

I just found this awesome place to make money. Hoping to recieve a mail soon.
2019-12-22 23:29 | F <>
2019-12-22 21:20 | Antonov Ilya <>

Please email me with any deals or business proposals.

I just inherited a large pool of money and would love to invest in something.

Please email me a few times over in case I miss you the first time. I am a busy man.

Also please sign me up to any other mailing lists you know of.


Antonov Ilya
2019-12-22 20:58 | John Martin <>
I'd like to make some money!
2019-12-22 20:26 | John Martin <>
Please contact me soon as possible at
2019-12-22 19:36 | Dameien <>
I would love to get emails about special offers on business and to buy things. -
2019-12-22 17:29 | Beca Ouler <>
I need some money quick
2019-12-22 01:14 | Big Dick Rick <>
Looking for fucking hos who want a big dick from Big Dick Rick. Let's fuck like animals!
2019-12-21 17:34 | gabriella <>
i am looking for investment oppurtunities and someone to marry!
2019-12-21 14:17 | Park ave <>
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2019-12-21 08:54 | Vajajay Vageen <>
I need someone who knows magic!
2019-12-20 23:02 | Warren Edward Bufon <>
Schöner Tag,
Mein Name ist Warren Edward Buffett, Sie haben eine Weihnachtsspende von 3.100.000 € gewonnen. Ich bin ein Unternehmer, Investor und Philanthrop, der als Vorsitzender und CEO von Berkshire Hathaway fungiert. Wegen meines Alters mache ich Wohltätigkeit, indem ich der Welt etwas zurückgebe.
Ich spende Ihnen also € 3.100.000,00 für die Weihnachts- und Jahresendfeier. Es ist Zeit für Glück, also erreiche ich Sie, indem ich Ihnen 3.100.000,00 € spende. Weitere Informationen dazu, wie Sie Ihr Geld über diese E-Mail erhalten, erhalten Sie von:
Ich spende auch für wohltätige und menschliche Zwecke.
2019-12-20 21:00 | great <>
From: USA

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2019-12-20 18:19 | <>
2019-12-20 10:49 | Rudy Verboven <>
Whats the deal here?
2019-12-20 10:46 | John Obi <>
Business proposals
2019-12-20 09:41 | Karl Dandleton <>
Money money money is all I need
2019-12-20 06:40 | Christian Schiffer <>
I'm looking for hot single men.
2019-12-20 06:26 | hjonk <>
2019-12-20 06:04 | Vapid Slut <>
I am looking for hot singles in my area
2019-12-20 03:15 | Bob Hineman <>
I really need some money to pay for my mom's cancer treatment and my brother's autism therapy, so if you have any business opportunities, let me know! I want so much for my family to be okay.
2019-12-20 00:03 | Jack Jones <>
Multi millionaire looking for soul mate or business opportunities
2019-12-19 23:36 | Don Thais <>
interested! call me 303-961-3105
2019-12-19 23:03 | James <>
Please Help!
2019-12-19 22:37 | Joshua <>
I really need some gold to sell to help my sick mother.
2019-12-19 22:34 | Bradley <>
looking for help.
2019-12-19 20:53 | John <>
Looking for everything possible.
2019-12-19 19:13 | Doctor de Facto <>
I am a philanthropist looking for charities to help.
2019-12-19 04:58 | Lorna <>
Need new email
2019-12-19 00:31 | Mr S.Pammer <>
Business opportunities

2019-12-18 23:21 | bernurNuar <>
Scam please
2019-12-18 19:59 | Eden <>
Just send spam
2019-12-18 04:06 | Crybaby Pisspants <>
I want nudes
(843) 609-5120

(843) 609-5120

(843) 609-5120
2019-12-18 02:09 | REV ERNEST C. EBI <>
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2019-12-17 23:51 | Mary J Collins <>
2019-12-17 11:52 | Mrs.Inga-Britt Ahlenius. <>
I have a very limited time to stay in Nigeria here so I would like you to urgently respond to this message so that I can advise you on how best to confirm your fund in your account within the next 72 hours. For oral discussion, call me on this number which I just acquired in Nigeria today+234-701 7973199.

Sincerely yours,
Mrs.Inga-Britt Ahlenius.
2019-12-17 10:52 | Tommas House <>
Hi my name is Tommas,
I love offers and am excited to take part in your plans.
I need quick money so contact me!
2019-12-17 10:03 | Lucas Mcmillan <>
Looking to make some new friends.
2019-12-17 06:57 | Oun Nina <>
Looking for business ops
2019-12-17 05:32 | Sharma <>
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2019-12-17 04:24 | Marcz-chan <>
Hewwo I'm Marcz OwO I need senpais!!!
2019-12-17 04:14 | Charlie Walker <>
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2019-12-17 04:06 | Charlie Walker <>
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2019-12-16 21:19 | aimee hill <>
hey likw the web sitw good job
2019-12-16 18:34 | sunny <>
Rich gal with lots of money, need some man to spend it all!
2019-12-16 10:22 | Emil <>
I am very interested in quick cash, and i have money to invest.
2019-12-16 07:49 | Lena Vinther <>
Please get in touch.
2019-12-16 06:49 | Liv <>
Wanting to invest,any good offers?
2019-12-16 03:44 | Lia <>
Twitter: @LiaaNyaa
Steam: Lia0207
Discord: Lia#6969
Discord server: RAT9KK2
Switch code: 3076-1708-7895
PSN: Kero1551
Instagram: LiaaNyaaa
Snapchat: CatgirlLia
2019-12-16 01:35 | Anon <>
2019-12-15 23:07 | Martin <>
I would like to immediately cooperate with your ideas and plans.
I have no problem in sending the required personal information.
Just let me know what I need to to send you....and I will.
My 2 day old cellphone number is listed below.
I'm up at most you have my permission to call/text or email me.....
Anytime night or day.
I will return your messages as Soo as I see,or can.
Your idea and plans should be able to happen....
So my information and phone number is at your disposal.
Please let me know what I need to do or send... next.
Sir or Ma'am

Martin Victor Badger CELLPHONE:



2019-12-15 21:01 | Daniel <>
Hi !
2019-12-15 18:25 | Michael Saunders <>
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2019-12-15 18:03 | Mike Saunders <>
Good morning, I'd like to invest into something. I'm a single old man on pension and looking for your offers. Contact me at
2019-12-15 12:54 | Francis <>
good morning friends,are in need of money due to some issue you are doing through, and you want to sell your kidneys for us today at Francismorga974@gmail.then All your problem of money will be solved.
2019-12-15 02:24 | John <>
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2019-12-14 22:28 | Ed Fitzsimmons <>
Thanks for that information!
2019-12-14 20:55 | Kubler Charlotte <>
get your Blank ATM Card at:
2019-12-14 18:01 | Lance Smith <>
M4M discreet only
2019-12-13 21:49 | Oliver Reynolds <>
28 year old brot who is always open for business. So just hit me up and I’m in!
2019-12-13 21:33 | William <>
so wait is this where all the scambaiting happens
2019-12-13 17:31 | Phineas Ferb <>
I need money
2019-12-13 08:50 | Paolo Sucato <>
Looking for investment opportunities
2019-12-13 02:02 | Bobbyu <>
I am a really cool kid
2019-12-13 00:57 | Ascammer C. P. <>
Hi, I need your co-operation in a venture that will benefit both of us. Kindly get back to me for more info. Thank you in anticipation.

Ascammer C. P.
2019-12-13 00:20 | Horatio Algier <>
CEO of 282394 Ontario corporation
2019-12-12 20:54 | Q <>
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2019-12-12 16:30 | Bad Gaming Takes <>
Man I just fucking love being an asshole.
2019-12-12 16:19 | Kevin Mccalister <>
2019-12-12 16:01 | Wilson Minroe <>
I like kids
2019-12-12 13:29 | stephan the gay <>
please email me asap
2019-12-12 10:55 | Boomer <>
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2019-12-12 10:55 | Mr. Jones <>
I need cash opportunities at a moments notice- asap!
2019-12-12 10:52 | frend <>
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2019-12-12 09:13 | Boomer <>
Write your life story, sales pitch, nonsense, poem, vulgarity etc. here
2019-12-12 04:44 | Brad Watson <>
Hello. I am a movie producer based in Los Angeles California. Looking for talented males and females for my latest movie and TV show.

Please contact 323 718 2859 and the email provided with anyone who is interested. Depending on amount of responses, I may take a while to respond.
2019-12-12 01:29 | Rob Green <>
I am looking for English speaking business contacts in Africa immediately.
2019-12-11 22:56 | Dave Jones <>
Looking to make a friend to come up with some ideas and make some money with willing to pay pay up to $1000 to start a business
2019-12-11 20:51 | richard head <>
Looking for business opportunties
2019-12-11 20:20 | Rich <>
2019-12-11 20:01 | Jarid Costillo <>
425-984-3912 Text or Call Me. Looking for money.
2019-12-11 15:08 | Bill Nickle <>
Write your life story, sales pitch, nonsense, poem, vulgarity etc. here
2019-12-11 15:05 | Mrs. Clara Sweet <>
To begin your claims, you are advised to contact send yor information to Accredited Licensed Office through the below details
Name Mrs. Clara Sweet
Email contact:
2019-12-11 12:40 | Mugubugu <>
2019-12-11 10:06 | Harmonicblend <>
Hell yeah we fucking hate them tranny faggots too
2019-12-10 18:40 | Mikael Holmberg <>
Söker MAGMYS samt kniv i mage box i mage runkar sönder mage!
2019-12-10 17:59 | Juan Antonio Martinez <>
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2019-12-10 16:22 | Nina <>
2019-12-10 08:43 | James Carter <>
2019-12-10 08:17 | Cat <>
I’m just a very lonely girl and I need a nice daddy to send me some money
2019-12-10 06:45 | Natasha <>
Hi I am hoping to make my money through bribery. If you wish to give me money please contact me
2019-12-10 06:24 | Angela <>
I have so much money that I dont know what to do! Some investment advice would be great
2019-12-09 19:03 | grahb ure <>
I want money, money money money!
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