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2019-06-30 14:09 | Klokov Dmitrievich <>
2019-06-30 07:57 | Brandon Mondy <>
In desperate need of a job and money; very poor
2019-06-30 07:54 | Brandon Mondy <>
In need of money and a job.
2019-06-30 07:14 | Philip <>
I like nipples
2019-06-30 07:04 | Bunny Butt <>
Give me your used gold, I will dispose of it for free. Email me only valid offers.
2019-06-30 06:28 | James <>
2019-06-30 04:33 | John pope <>
I am a man who is just bored in life
2019-06-30 03:10 | rich <>
need cash fast for chase bank
2019-06-30 02:42 | Brandon floodman <>
Health is the knowledge of transcendence, and of us. How should you navigate this perennial dreamscape? Numerology may be the solution to what's holding you back from a breathtaking transmission of interconnectedness.

-- Seb Pearce spouts some tired old poppycock.
2019-06-30 02:32 | Borya Anastas <>
Our conversations with other travellers have led to a summoning of hyper-unlimited consciousness.

-- The incredible gobbledygook continues! Seb Pearce
2019-06-30 00:49 | Robert John Lemon <>
Did you ever hear the Tragedy of Darth Plagueis the wise? I thought not. It's not a story the Jedi would tell you. It's a Sith legend. Darth Plagueis was a Dark Lord of the Sith, so powerful and so wise he could use the Force to influence the midichlorians to create life... He had such a knowledge of the dark side that he could even keep the ones he cared about from dying. The dark side of the Force is a pathway to many abilities some consider to be unnatural. He became so powerful... the only thing he was afraid of was losing his power, which eventually, of course, he did. Unfortunately, he taught his apprentice everything he knew, then his apprentice killed him in his sleep. It's ironic he could save others from death, but not himself.
2019-06-30 00:40 | laddn <>
Through tarot, our essences are transformed into stardust.

-- More outrageous balderdash from from Seb Pearce.
2019-06-30 00:34 | laddn <>
Through prayer, our lives are enveloped in empathy. The future will be an unified condensing of health. Transcendence is a constant. Yes, it is possible to confront the things that can destroy us, but not without life-force on our side.

-- Today's pointless mumbo-jumbo from Seb Pearce.
2019-06-30 00:30 | laddn <>
Through the akashic record, our souls are nurtured by energy. The future will be an unlimited flowering of wonder. Potentiality is a constant. Yes, it is possible to shatter the things that can disrupt us, but not without choice on our side. Visitor, look within and strengthen yourself.

-- The inane toss continues! Seb Pearce
2019-06-30 00:27 | ladd <>
Through homeopathy, our third eyes are opened by ecstasy. The future will be an authentic unveiling of will. Rebirth is a constant. Yes, it is possible to extinguish the things that can erase us, but not without peace on our side. Prophet, look within and develop yourself. Reality has always been buzzing with seekers whose dreams are engulfed in karma.

-- Now why didn't I think of that? Seb Pearce
2019-06-29 21:03 | NAthan Oakley <>
The goal of expanding wave functions is to plant the seeds of sharing rather than bondage. Our conversations with other messengers have led to a refining of ultra-zero-point consciousness.

-- Now why didn't I think of that? Seb Pearce
2019-06-29 18:46 | Médiocré Thempärk <>
You must take a stand against greed. Soon there will be a condensing of fulfillment the likes of which the biosphere has never seen. Through tarot, our third eyes are opened by transformation.

-- Beseech Seb Pearce and he shall bestow more fantastic nonsense.
2019-06-29 18:38 | Semene Chambliss <>
You must take a stand against yearning. Soon there will be a flowering of potentiality the likes of which the totality has never seen. Through crystal healing, our hearts are immersed in consciousness. Traveller, look within and bless yourself. Humankind has nothing to lose.

-- Today's inane toss from Seb Pearce.
2019-06-29 18:20 | Jon walker <>
Pretty cool site you got here
2019-06-29 18:13 | Desi Hyter <>
I’m a millionaire
2019-06-29 17:26 | Maxi Lover <>
I enjoy the idea of such a site, and will visit once more in the future
2019-06-29 13:03 | Matthew Morgan <>
2019-06-29 12:28 | Resolving kaspersky antivirus issues? <>
If you are facing some basic issues with your kaspersky antivirus then in that case it is advisable that the user gets the software removed and then again gets it reinstalled to avoid any corruption in the installation files of the software.
2019-06-29 06:54 | Phil Takaks <>
Zebras are pretty cool
2019-06-29 04:10 | Irene <>
Scambaiter starting out, in Australia.
I have a pretty epic setup.
2019-06-29 02:33 | Chole <>
Although you may not realize it, you are spatial. It is in deepening that we are awakened.

-- The inane balderdash continues! Seb Pearce
2019-06-29 01:24 | Angela <>
Please send all possible spam please c: nothing is too weird.
2019-06-29 01:10 | BRODRICK <>
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2019-06-28 21:30 | Scot <>
Still in a tight spot. Need a wee bit more money lads. Nice site though.
2019-06-28 16:40 | Carson Thager <>
2019-06-28 13:54 | Scot <>
Oops. Used wrong email there lads. Sorry for any wee mixups.
2019-06-28 13:30 | Bob <>
Need money mates
2019-06-28 10:39 | Corey <>
Really horny for some one ;)
2019-06-28 09:55 | Kai Mauer <>
serious offers welcome. business and cooperation wanted

BR Kai Mauer
2019-06-28 08:54 | M r G <>
My life story
2019-06-28 08:24 | Epic Gamer <>
Haha yes
2019-06-28 03:18 | bob thomas <>
Just need some money to fix some stuff
2019-06-28 02:58 | bruce david <>
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2019-06-28 00:56 | Garicula marley <>
In need of offers of ways to make money
2019-06-27 19:46 | Michael Scott <>
Hello looking for investors for my paper company
2019-06-27 19:23 | Kira <>
I am a female who needa money to feed my two children and a possible lesbian to whom I can sex chat with!
2019-06-27 18:29 | JuanK <>
How I can delete me of this list ?
2019-06-27 18:24 | Ziad <>
Need cash.
2019-06-27 18:01 | Steely Dan <>
Hello I need cash and love
2019-06-27 15:38 | Liam <>
I'd like some help with finances.
2019-06-27 14:24 | John <>
I am desperate for some cash
2019-06-27 10:19 | 32r <>
Candidatura M5S
2019-06-27 09:57 | Connecting AOL Email <>
If you need to connect your AOL Email then in that case, on the home screen click “settings icon” then click on the mail menu further click “accounts” then click “add accounts” then click AOL if you still need more help or support then ask for it from the experts.
2019-06-27 09:25 | Jimmy Johanesburg <>
I'm in a jam and need to make some quick cash.
2019-06-27 04:35 | tomn <>
karen took my kids
2019-06-27 03:13 | Shmule bylo <>
I am the head of a bank that is not open to the public. We handle large amounts of money and could pay service could let you use our service if large amounts of value need protection and shipment. Please contact me your amount of money and shipment fees.
2019-06-27 02:02 | Barry Dillon <>
I'm just a local business owner trying to compete in a new world. The regulars keep me going, but Walmart and amazon and all the other big wig bozos can never have enough money. If anyone out there has any way to help out a poor old business owner, please respond.
2019-06-27 01:24 | Richard Small <>
Imagine a refining of what could be. We exist as morphic resonance.

-- Seb Pearce said it, so it must be true!
2019-06-27 00:36 | Nikki Jenson <>
It is a sign of things to come. Science is the knowledge of balance, and of us. Being, look within and ground yourself.

-- Seb Pearce told me this ludicrous toss at yoga class.
2019-06-26 22:55 | Fuck YO>U <>
im a smelly fat boi
2019-06-26 22:22 | Wilbur Benson <>
Currently "unemployed" and looking for "work" with no luck. I could use some "help"
2019-06-26 21:05 | Mass Koupons <>
I love all sorts of emails. Makes me feel wanted.
2019-06-26 20:16 | John Smith <>
65 year old single male, retired metalworker, a bit low on cash with a really slow PC.
2019-06-26 14:08 | cat <>
2019-06-26 08:29 | horse <>
youre an idiot
2019-06-26 05:22 | Michael <>
Im desperate for some quick cash
2019-06-26 04:52 | James Ward <>
I'm in a tough spot, I need some extra cash.
2019-06-26 03:28 | Morty <>
I need help fixing my computer. If I can get any tech support, that would be great. Thanks.
2019-06-26 01:49 | Yellow <>
Throughout history, humans have been interacting with the world via meridians.

-- Now why didn't I think of that? Seb Pearce
2019-06-25 21:34 | James Hetson <>
I’m not afraid to brag about my wealth.
2019-06-25 21:17 | Sean <>
Today, science tells us that the essence of nature is inseparability.

-- Seb Pearce's fantastic waffle of the day.
2019-06-25 19:54 | Ash Beacham <>
We can no longer afford to live with pain. By redefining, we dream.

-- ...and with that, the men in white coats came to take Seb Pearce away.
2019-06-25 19:14 | Darren trip <>
2019-06-25 19:00 | Test rich <>
Our conversations with other beings have led to an unfolding of ultra-magical consciousness. Without fulfillment, one cannot reflect. Curiosity is the knowledge of transcendence, and of us.

-- More tired old toss from from Seb Pearce.
2019-06-25 15:56 | feanne <>
As you exist, you will enter into infinite transcendence that transcends understanding.

-- Now why didn't I think of that? Seb Pearce
2019-06-25 15:46 | Biz Secure <>
My name is Sylvester McCoy. I like tacos.
2019-06-25 12:58 | Catherine Muldoon <>
Any and All!
2019-06-24 20:53 | ss <>
The stratosphere is calling to you via chaos-driven reactions. Can you hear it? We must learn how to lead mythic lives in the face of ego.

-- ...and then they all lived happily ever after. Seb Pearce
2019-06-24 20:42 | Card guy <>
I love gift cards. I love to stick them up my butt
2019-06-24 19:27 | Me <>
Only a prophet of the quantum matrix may bring about this fusion of transformation. Who are we? Where on the great mission will we be awakened?

-- Inane mumbo-jumbo ahoy! Seb Pearce
2019-06-24 09:54 | Adrian <>
Discontinuity is the antithesis of inseparability. It is in deepening that we are recreated.

-- The ridiculous gobbledygook continues! Seb Pearce
2019-06-24 07:28 | hadhd <>
Have you found your path? Joy requires exploration. Humankind has nothing to lose.

-- Seb Pearce said it, so it must be true!
2019-06-24 06:48 | Big Nibba <>
New phone who dis?
2019-06-24 06:19 | Nuzzer <>
I have lots of money
2019-06-24 04:20 | Shuaib <>
I am extremely rich
2019-06-24 01:47 | Wyoming Sandhill <>
I'm in need of some assistance financially, is this how I get it?
2019-06-23 19:15 | poop poop <>
Greed is born in the gap where wisdom has been excluded.

-- Fantastic toss brought to you by Seb Pearce.
2019-06-22 19:39 | Chilton P. Bruce <>
2019-06-22 19:18 | Imoly Batingu <>
Nothing is impossible. It is in maturing that we are aligned.

-- Seb Pearce's outrageous hogwash of the day.
2019-06-22 12:57 | Dean Lonergan <>
I have extra money after being a very successful boxing promoter. I want to give this money to less fortunate people in Africa
2019-06-22 11:41 | Rev I.P.Daley <>
I am needing some assistance in starting a new church in or close to Lagos.
I also need a designer and a builder
2019-06-21 13:57 | Rick S. Lowenstein <>
Yes, it is possible to eliminate the things that can extinguish us, but not without health on our side. It can be difficult to know where to begin.

-- Seb Pearce is talking fantastic gibberish again!
2019-06-21 11:57 | Francis Darius <>
Wanderer, look within and inspire yourself. Consciousness consists of expanding wave functions of quantum energy. "Quantum" means a condensing of the interstellar.

-- Do you believe that pointless gobbledygook? Seb Pearce
2019-06-21 01:08 | Weir <>
As you exist, you will enter into infinite wisdom that transcends understanding. The goal of electromagnetic forces is to plant the seeds of curiosity rather than bondage. Without balance, one cannot believe.

-- Tired old shite ahoy! Seb Pearce
2019-06-20 11:49 | Theodor <>
Great site, would very recommended haha.
2019-06-20 07:59 | guggus <>
send me the virus link already
2019-06-20 06:04 | Lionel Rodriguez <>
I am sesrching for a financial opportunity to help take care of some serious matters
2019-06-20 06:01 | Karl Otter <>
Looking for investment opportunities, I have just inherited a bit of cash
2019-06-20 02:59 | Clowns <>
Anal Lube
2019-06-19 20:59 | Amber Chambers <>
Throughout history, humans have been interacting with the infinite via transmissions. Where there is greed, self-actualization cannot thrive. It is in blossoming that we are awakened.

-- Seb Pearce's epic gibberish of the day.
2019-06-19 15:04 | Luis <>
Im a fat guy, very rich
2019-06-19 12:29 | Brigbou Smitherins <>
please i won a lotery but its not enough to cover my debt please help me make money i am im a hurry please very depression
2019-06-19 11:08 | Dave Freygang <>
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2019-06-19 10:19 | Dany Gagnon <>
I am very rich man and I have big moneys to help donate
2019-06-19 08:41 | Linda <>
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