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11 | 2021-07-27 | james <>
Im a 72 year old man looking for female companty with a lot of loans and winning giveaways.
12 | 2021-07-27 | Gerry <>
send me your coinsquirt pipe id
13 | 2021-07-27 | Ryder <>
I have a new fishing rod that can catch more fish than normal
14 | 2021-07-27 | Henry <>
Are you kidding ??? What the **** are you talking about man ? You are a biggest looser i ever seen in my life ! You was doing PIPI in your pampers when i was beating players much more stronger then you! You are not proffesional, because proffesionals knew how to lose and congratulate opponents, you are like a girl crying after i beat you! Be brave, be honest to yourself and stop this trush talkings!!! Everybody know that i am very good blitz player, i can win anyone in the world in single game! And "w"esley "s"o is nobody for me, just a player who are crying every single time when loosing, ( remember what you say about Firouzja ) !!! Stop playing with my name, i deserve to have a good name during whole my chess carrier, I am Officially inviting you to OTB blitz match with the Prize fund! Both of us will invest 5000$ and winner takes it all!

I suggest all other people who's intrested in this situation, just take a look at my results in 2016 and 2017 Blitz World championships, and that should be enough... No need to listen for every crying babe, Tigran Petrosyan is always play Fair ! And if someone will continue Officially talk about me like that, we will meet in Court! God bless with true! True will never die ! Liers will kicked off...

15 | 2021-07-27 | Michael <>
Need money
16 | 2021-07-27 | adhebn <>
mnadbgh biywdiaasd
17 | 2021-07-23 | POOR MAN <>
give me 999k robux pls
18 | 2021-07-23 | Eliabeth Malbich <>
Are the funds glarded?
19 | 2021-07-23 | Murray Sanders <>
i need money!
20 | 2021-07-23 | Jared Rickenson <>
hello I am needing cash
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