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2019-02-26 14:47 | Arschfickmann <>
Ich mag es gerne in meinen Po.
2019-02-26 09:20 | David Abula <>
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2019-02-26 08:08 | Peter <>
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2019-02-25 22:15 | Tim <>
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2019-02-25 21:17 | Jack rhodes <>
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2019-02-25 21:06 | Jackie Alfred <>
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2019-02-25 18:22 | Charlie <>
2019-02-25 15:42 | Anal Probe <>
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2019-02-25 07:00 | Jane <>
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2019-02-24 10:24 | James Jones <>
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2019-02-24 03:36 | <>
2019-02-23 20:16 | Hugo moran <>
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2019-02-23 20:12 | Conor Nolan <>
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2019-02-22 23:29 | venky <>
2019-02-22 16:36 | Marvin Owens <>
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2019-02-22 15:46 | Chris <>
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2019-02-22 01:06 | Jeff <>
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2019-02-21 23:07 | Soa Cahtoh <>
May the blessing of Mugu Guyman bring you happiness and prosperity. Put your hands together, bow and say, Mugu Guynam
2019-02-21 22:18 | baby <>
Through astral projection, our brains are enveloped in intuition.

-- Now why didn't I think of that? Seb Pearce
2019-02-21 20:05 | Adam Madison <>
As you exist, you will enter into infinite flow that transcends understanding. Desire is the antithesis of nature. Chi requires exploration.

-- Preposterous gobbledygook brought to you by Seb Pearce.
2019-02-21 20:02 | Adam Madison <>
2019-02-21 04:26 | Jeffery Harland <>
How are ya now
2019-02-21 03:34 | Douglas levison <>
2019-02-20 23:50 | Die Ehrfurcht <>
"The lesser of two evils -- is evil."
-- Seymour (Sy) Leon
2019-02-20 21:56 | James O'Carmacs <>
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2019-02-20 17:43 | Dorris <>
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2019-02-20 12:09 | Detlef Meier <>
Is anyone here from Germany???
2019-02-20 09:14 | Melanie Steger <>
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2019-02-19 16:33 | Soa <>
Mugu guyman
2019-02-19 12:14 | Alkhayyal <>
Our conversations with other adventurers have led to a refining of supra-archetypal consciousness. The quantum soup is calling to you via four-dimensional superstructures. Can you hear it?

-- A nice bit of ludicrous claptrap for your after-dinner speech by Seb Pearce.
2019-02-19 11:43 | Warren <>
I’m an old man looking for love.
2019-02-18 21:53 | Cummin Maipans <>
hello there looking for my long lost father
2019-02-17 16:27 | David Daniels <>
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2019-02-17 03:01 | Brian Brown <>
Male seeking female for adventures. Me 60 years old but hard as a rock.
2019-02-16 23:57 | Chris Kemp <>
Looking for attractive female partner
2019-02-16 22:57 | Celine <>
Older (but very alive) lady looking for new friends in foreign countries
2019-02-16 06:56 | Andrewben1 <>
Hello there :)
Anybody home?
2019-02-16 04:22 | b <>
We are in the midst of a non-dual maturing of purpose that will give us access to the quantum matrix itself.

-- You can fertilise your roses with that, you're welcome. Seb Pearce
2019-02-16 03:58 | Isabella Jackson <>
Xemnas was very deliberate in how he grabbed Kairi and how he positioned HIMSELF thereafter. For one, he was sure to grab the wrist of her dominant hand (which at this point was holding her keyblade). Now I don’t know how many of you have had your wrist grabbed like that, but I can say first-hand that your options of movement in that hand/arm are INCREDIBLY limited, and if they’re holding hard enough, it is nearly impossible.

To make matters worse, he was twisting her arm behind her head and back. This makes movement even more limited and also causes EXTREME pain. During the course of the cutscene, he continues to twist her arm TWICE, which we can see makes her whole body physically wince. It breaks my heart to see her like that because I know that pain and it is awful. Xemnas was 100% in a position to break her arm in some way and it SHOWS.

We can also see by how her toes seem to be the only thing touching the ground that he is holding her aloft. Even minimally, this adds distress to the arm socket. Accounting for everything else in this scene, I wouldn’t be surprised if he completely dislocated Kairi’s arm.
2019-02-15 23:20 | angela <>
Through the akashic record, our bodies are immersed in being. We are at a crossroads of purpose and ego. Consciousness consists of molecular structures of quantum energy. "Quantum" means a blossoming of the holistic.

-- What a load of tired old drivel! Seb Pearce
2019-02-15 22:12 | Jason Wilson <>
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2019-02-15 15:58 | jj <>
To go along the myth is to become one with it. Desire is the antithesis of will.

-- Seb Pearce said it, so it must be true!
2019-02-15 13:35 | Ana <>
need money
2019-02-14 22:15 | Mr. Dossou George <>
Hi friends!
2019-02-14 12:06 | Raps <>
2019-02-14 08:46 | Ashley Schochow <>
Ashley Schochow
Ruhwaldstraße 48
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Birth: 21.02.1988
2019-02-14 03:25 | Henny House <>
The dreamscape is aglow with morphic resonance. Throughout history, humans have been interacting with the quantum cycle via sub-atomic particles. Although you may not realize it, you are mythic.

-- Open wide and have another dose of quality cobblers. Seb Pearce
2019-02-14 03:01 | Fred Flint <>
2019-02-14 01:13 | just another email <>
Help the impoverished, will you?
2019-02-13 22:53 | john doe <>
If only I had more friends
2019-02-13 16:11 | Christian Marzo <>
Humankind has nothing to lose. It is a sign of things to come. Traveller, look within and empower yourself.

-- Shocking bullshit ahoy! Seb Pearce
2019-02-13 15:00 | Swanson Dennis <>
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2019-02-13 11:39 | Alison <>
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2019-02-13 05:49 | Slavic Heinous <>
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2019-02-13 04:18 | Hello <>
The universe is buzzing with superpositions of possibilities. Who are we? Where on the great quest will we be reborn? It is a sign of things to come.

-- More insane drivel from from Seb Pearce.
2019-02-13 04:12 | Arno <>
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2019-02-13 02:17 | John Kim <>
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2019-02-12 18:54 | Phil Eno <>
So nice to be here
2019-02-12 18:18 | Google Play <>
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2019-02-12 18:13 | Western Union <>
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2019-02-12 10:35 | Mikkel Kuntz <>
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2019-02-12 09:47 | John Julius <>
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2019-02-12 09:25 | Harlod Bakerson III <>
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2019-02-11 17:43 | Robert Rowe <>
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2019-02-11 08:02 | John Mayer <>
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2019-02-10 02:16 | Western Union <>
We can no longer afford to live with turbulence. Eons from now, we messengers will believe like never before as we are aligned by the multiverse.

-- Open wide and have another dose of insane nonsense. Seb Pearce
2019-02-10 01:25 | Olivia Haron <>
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2019-02-08 20:20 | Milo Minderbinder <>
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2019-02-08 19:33 | Ebay Scammer <>
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2019-02-08 18:30 | Marx Lit <>
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2019-02-08 18:28 | Barrister Dustin Hickman <>
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2019-02-08 11:23 | Hortense Ruffnees <>
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2019-02-08 05:38 | Davey Crockers <>
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2019-02-07 22:57 | tan2 <>
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2019-02-07 16:41 | Bruce <>
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2019-02-06 23:41 | fkingknt <>
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2019-02-06 19:14 | Bennie Gordon <>
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2019-02-06 13:42 | edgard <>
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2019-02-06 07:16 | Ned Saw <>
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2019-02-05 23:03 | John Wheelwright <>
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2019-02-05 17:09 | Swing <>
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2019-02-05 17:03 | SFgreetings <>
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2019-02-05 12:08 | Kirk <>
need some funding to invest
2019-02-04 19:21 | Sebastian Benfield <>
An aspiring entrepreneur looking for a business partner to help me build my enterprise. I have more secrets than it seems.
2019-02-04 19:16 | Jake Ryan <>
Have you found your story? You must take a stand against suffering.

-- Quality waffle brought to you by Seb Pearce.
2019-02-04 17:15 | Horace <>
Great site, I am pleased to be here.
I want to take this opportunity to wish all my friends in Naijaland a great and prosperous New Year
2019-02-04 13:17 | jfje <>
2019-02-04 13:14 | jfje <>
2019-02-04 12:40 | Bill Johnson <>
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2019-02-04 12:32 | John Billson <>
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2019-02-04 12:07 | Raio <>
We are in the midst of a self-aware refining of hope that will give us access to the totality itself. How should you navigate this sublime infinite?

-- A nice bit of insane waffle for your after-dinner speech by Seb Pearce.
2019-02-04 00:18 | Christian <>
In sixth grade, I took a chance and enrolled in a drama magnet program. I already knew I had solid acting ability, so I assumed performing on stage would be a piece of cake. What I didn’t realize was that before my instructor allowed us to be under the limelight, she had to make sure we knew our characters. This meant we had to look up the play, and if we were writing a new character we had to answer these annoying questions like, “What’s your character’s height?” “How much do they weigh?” ”Do they have parents?” I thought this was a waste of my time, but ultimately I realized that getting to know my character made me feel connected to her,a nd made her come to life.

This same practice applies to writing. The books, movies, TV shows, etc. that are the most engaging have the most well-rounded characters. You can write a fantastical world into existence, but everything will fall apart if the audience can’t connect with the people you created. There are so many aspects that go into making realistic characters, but here are the 3 I think are most important.
2019-02-02 16:43 | Mr. O <>
Hello everyone! Mr. O here. I am unpredictable. Will I be fighting oddness or will I be participating in it? You just never know. One minute, I"m hanging with the heroes and the next I'm chillin with the villains.
2019-02-01 00:48 | Small Cock <>
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2019-01-31 15:05 | Olivera Di Frantera <>
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2019-01-31 04:04 | na <>
2019-01-31 02:26 | Ally <>
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2019-01-30 21:24 | Alexander Charles <>
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