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2018-02-27 21:48 | Abdul <>
القضيب طوله متر واحد
2018-02-27 21:11 | Mr Gruntfuttock <>
Please send me details of Nigerian Princes who have schemes for making me rich I thank you.
2018-02-27 19:23 | peter gaarder <>
This is a legitimate business deal. I have a large sum of money to spend before the fiscal year ends. Please send proposals to my email and we can discuss further. Please call 1-651-291-6711
2018-02-27 19:03 | mathew hawthorne <>
ayyy lmao come here little nigerians
2018-02-27 11:00 | Hawley <>
I want creosote underwear.
2018-02-27 05:03 | Jimmy Smith <>
I am a man, work as an artist and love to help people with whatever they come to me with, no matter who they are!!!
2018-02-27 03:56 | J W <>
So here we are. You and I are here...therefore this is our time.
2018-02-27 02:53 | Richard Kok <>
Throughout history, humans have been interacting with the planet via supercharged waveforms. The future will be a powerful awakening of inseparability.

-- Today's shocking shite from Seb Pearce.
2018-02-26 16:55 | Little Dick <>
Please send me details of people with m name who died without making wills.
2018-02-26 15:15 | Dan Dare <>
2018-02-25 23:05 | Levon Stone <>
Hello i want money and job and offer go fest men.
2018-02-24 22:59 | Harry <>
looking for oppertunities
2018-02-24 21:54 | 123 <>
2018-02-24 08:52 | Heinrich Michel <>
click on for your loan today
2018-02-23 10:35 | Lucifer <>
This is where you open Hell on you and you holdings
2018-02-23 07:08 | Sam <>
Need money fast to pay off the russion mob

+1 845-306-0700
2018-02-22 13:55 | Nigger <>
2018-02-22 10:30 | Fred <>
I put the wrong email before
2018-02-22 09:53 | Lund <>
ode buruku
2018-02-22 02:23 | Gerrit Marx <>

I am Gerrit Marx, I sometime ago offered you a personal Assistant position from Troops Energy Jobs, I have a New position open now, I need a Financial Assistant, Who will be in charge Of my Finances, who will make sure bills are paid on time, Reply Now if you are interested.

Best Regards,
Gerrit Marx
2018-02-21 23:59 | Thomas <>
mugu mugu mugu
2018-02-21 16:53 | Robert <>
Nothing is impossible. How should you navigate this archetypal nexus? Soon there will be an ennobling of self-actualization the likes of which the dreamscape has never seen.

-- What a load of pointless drivel! Seb Pearce
2018-02-21 14:08 | <>
YAY SINGH was here - I love you :D
2018-02-21 08:59 | Tony Mecca <>
Looking for investment opportunities
2018-02-21 06:09 | Paul <>
I am looking for a loan so I can pay off my house mortgage. If there is anyone who can help me please send me an email at
2018-02-19 15:50 | Expresso Bongo <>
There was a young woman from Ealing
Who had a peculiar feeling
She lay on her back
And opened her crack
And pissed all over the ceiling.
2018-02-19 14:36 | Elmer <>
Today is wash day.
2018-02-19 14:31 | Badger Shagger <>
I love to shag badgers.
2018-02-19 12:51 | Polonium <>
Hello, What is this website?
2018-02-19 08:27 | clown 3 <>
I have an issue i'll like to discuss with you,35% for your effort and time,

if interested kindly reply
2018-02-19 02:16 | scammer <>
Throughout history, humans have been interacting with the dreamscape via transmissions. The future will be a quantum unfolding of transformation.

-- Seb Pearce told me this epic shite at yoga class.
2018-02-18 23:32 | Jake <>
You must take a stand against selfishness. Eons from now, we storytellers will dream like never before as we are awakened by the world.

-- Now why didn't I think of that? Seb Pearce
2018-02-18 22:47 | parekr <>
You must take a stand against materialism. Eons from now, we beings will believe like never before as we are guided by the quantum cycle. You will soon be reborn by a power deep within yourself - a power that is life-affirming, non-local.

-- You can fertilise your roses with that, you're welcome. Seb Pearce
2018-02-18 14:31 | Pretty Polly <>
Who's a pretty girl then?
2018-02-18 12:23 | Morris Dancer <>
I do not like the Tango.
2018-02-18 12:20 | Portly <>
Bacon is divine.
2018-02-18 06:46 | Bourbon Bestman <>
Wealthy Ex-Businessman currently in retirement, single and looking for new ventures overseas as i tire of the retired life
2018-02-18 01:43 | Norbert <>
Imagine an awakening of what could be.

-- Seb Pearce knows what he's talking about!
2018-02-18 01:18 | Kamie Kamieson <>
Give me money.
2018-02-17 19:19 | John cena <>
Hello. I am a very experienced business man who is happy for any deals
2018-02-16 11:08 | Kimmy Kenzie <>
I don't know if I should bleach my hair or just shave my head. Helllppp!
2018-02-15 18:44 | SPAM COOL <>
Where there is ego, sharing cannot thrive.

-- Open wide and have another dose of shocking balderdash. Seb Pearce
2018-02-15 15:39 | Angel Baby <>
Banana congnacs!
2018-02-15 06:05 | Dick C Hertz <>
If you have never experienced this metamorphosis inherent in nature, it can be difficult to live. We must learn how to lead Vedic lives in the face of illusion.

-- ...and then they all lived happily ever after. Seb Pearce
2018-02-15 05:58 | doris <>
If you have never experienced this osmosis of the creative act, it can be difficult to grow. We must learn how to lead angelic lives in the face of greed. Only a child of the solar system may integrate this network of divinity. Humankind has nothing to lose.

-- Today's inane waffle from Seb Pearce.
2018-02-14 21:40 | Spammy boi <>
Stagnation is the antithesis of understanding. Although you may not realize it, you are authentic. It is a sign of things to come.

-- A nice bit of outrageous claptrap for your after-dinner speech by Seb Pearce.
2018-02-14 19:45 | Mike <>
i need spam
2018-02-14 19:37 | joe bob <>
2018-02-14 16:24 | Diamond Lil <>
2018-02-14 16:17 | Wan Long <>
Real my bowels.
2018-02-14 13:31 | Bobby <>
Entity, look within and awaken yourself.

-- Beseech Seb Pearce and he shall bestow more quality cobblers.
2018-02-14 13:18 | Jack kingofv <>
Sigggn me up dady
2018-02-14 09:21 | Martin Edward <>
2018-02-14 08:52 | jones <>
I like to work. I'm looking for business
2018-02-13 21:05 | John <>
It can be difficult to know where to begin.

-- This is the Gospel of pointless twaddle according to Seb Pearce.
2018-02-13 20:12 | robert goldstein <>
Looking for the good times
2018-02-13 19:32 | kristi ables <>
As you dream, you will enter into infinite science that transcends understanding. The complexity of the present time seems to demand an evolving of our chakras if we are going to survive. It can be difficult to know where to begin.

-- The outrageous shite continues! Seb Pearce
2018-02-13 18:48 | Jean Thibeault <>
I need some money fast and low interest please
2018-02-13 03:51 | Lee Kilpatrick <>
Hello I am the late Lee James Kilpatrick .. I am in need of fast cash , and need it to be risky free
2018-02-12 18:51 | Kevin PIN <>
Université Paris 8
2018-02-12 15:46 | Ima Windup <>
The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of the darkness. For he is truly his brother's keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know I am the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon you.
2018-02-11 17:53 | Zehel Lifeslicer <>
Did I ever tell you what the definition of insanity is? Insanity is doing the exact… same fucking thing… over and over again, expecting… shit to change.
2018-02-11 15:09 | xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx <>
good business proposal
2018-02-11 14:48 | Benito <>
Ma questo non è un fenomeno puramente italiano, per quanto in Italia, con il suo capitalismo più debole, abbia avuto il più grande sviluppo; è un fenomeno europeo e mondiale, di grande importanza per comprendere la crisi generale del dopoguerra nel campo delle attività pratiche e nel campo delle idee e della cultura.
2018-02-11 00:28 | Rick <>
I have some money to invest in a high return scheme. Please contact me if you have something that might interest me.
2018-02-10 17:20 | Walter <>
Need tech support ASAP
2018-02-09 21:57 | Zero Gravity <>
To be, or not to be that is the question
2018-02-09 21:50 | Asznee <>
I have money
2018-02-09 21:49 | Dick Solomon <>
I come from a galaxy far from Rutherford.
2018-02-09 00:44 | James Frank <>
I have come to the posses of 100 thousand hundred bitcoin, and am very niceness. I am donating my bitcoins VIA mail to the public of the worlds. Send credit card detail, home address, phone number, social security and names to my email. My many thank.
2018-02-08 16:09 | Idi Amin <>
How are you today? Hope all is well with you and family?
2018-02-08 15:38 | Angela Merkel <>
I am in need of something.
2018-02-08 13:21 | aaa <>
The quantum leap of inspiration is now happening worldwide. As you exist, you will enter into infinite awareness that transcends understanding.

-- Do you believe that fantastic cobblers? Seb Pearce
2018-02-08 11:54 | Elizabeth Barrett Browning <>
Earth's crammed with heaven, And every common bush afire with God; And only he who sees takes off his shoes; The rest sit round it and pluck blackberries.
2018-02-08 11:46 | Hernia Piles <>
I am a businessman and need capital to finance my perpetual motion machine factory which is doing a thriving business in the devolping world.
2018-02-08 11:42 | Dick Small <>
I want money so I can can build a mega church and save all the people the way those pastors do on TV and collect even more money.
2018-02-08 11:02 | jovann <>
The complexity of the present time seems to demand a blossoming of our third eyes if we are going to survive. How should you navigate this transformative solar system?

-- Do you believe that fantastic shite? Seb Pearce
2018-02-08 08:51 | Desmond Amofah <>
I came here to claim my bonds and tax returns.
2018-02-08 01:59 | Karen McCluskey <>
I'm trying to get my unclaimed fund
2018-02-08 00:16 | christophe puggioni <>
2018-02-07 21:27 | Denise Hira <>
Still looking for offers of matrimony.
2018-02-07 21:15 | Meridyth Davis <>
Hot-to-trot MILF looking for an African stud.

Will travel to Africa!
2018-02-07 21:06 | Ms. Bea Haven <>
Divorced and looking to make my ex jealous and blow his money
2018-02-07 20:11 | Christina <>
Need lots of cash ASAP, please help
2018-02-07 18:31 | Marko <>
looking for business opportunities
2018-02-07 16:25 | Hairy <>
Please write with only genuine offers.
2018-02-07 10:10 | Timothy Lumsden <>
I want money to grow big.
2018-02-07 09:01 | Koolandier <>
im very rich and im looking for people to give my money to
2018-02-06 22:37 | Bob Fisher <>
i am rich af. Email me so i can get richer
2018-02-06 21:13 | JJ <>
I have loads of money but want to flip it into more, haven't a clue about computers, I do my own taxes, trust everyone and believe everything I hear.
2018-02-06 18:43 | Graham <>
Somewhere there's a plaice for us a plaice and chips for us
2018-02-06 18:18 | Kent Clark <>
There was a young man from Kent
Whose tool was so long that it bent.
To save himself trouble
He put it in double
And instead of coming, he went.
I like this - add it to "Best of"
2018-02-06 01:57 | Aloshan <>
I would like to help everyone
2018-02-05 22:50 | Tom Jones <>
The lizard people walk among us!
2018-02-05 20:48 | brian king <>
Prophet, look within and synergize yourself.

-- ...and then they all lived happily ever after. Seb Pearce
2018-02-05 19:32 | Dead Eye Dick <>
Hell anyone there.
2018-02-05 19:29 | Andrex <>
2018-02-05 18:11 | Gavin JOhnson <>
It can be difficult to know where to begin.

-- Preposterous drivel ahoy! Seb Pearce
2018-02-05 17:53 | Carmella Kennedy <>
For all your tax needs. Save thousands, email me today.
2018-02-05 16:52 | George <>
I wanna win big.
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